Michael D. Flett, Proprietor and General Agent

(573) 227-2245

Writing bail bonds in the central Missouri area since 2011.

If you're needing a bondsman you fall into one of two categories, those that have needed this service for themselves or someone they care about before and those that haven't. 

To be honest, we like to cater to the 2nd category.  There are several reasons why but the biggest is because we find successfully guiding someone who's never had to face such an intimidating situation before to be very rewarding.  

Prior to retirement, I spent 22 years as a law enforcement officer working all over the state of Missouri.  With that experience, I started this bail company.  I understand how the courts work and most importantly, how bail works.  My personal mission statement is pretty simple, 

"Always do the right thing, even when it's not the easy thing". 

Give us a call if we can help you, no matter what category you're in. We don't mind answering questions and we will always do what's fair, both for us and for you.